Bart's Blue Star Healing Hearts Gala

A Japanese Night to Remember

On behalf of our Co-Chairs, Leila Tauil Kallop and Krista Watterworth Alterman, we are excited to celebrate Bart’s Blue Star Foundation’s 3rd Biennial Gala, on Saturday, March 9, 2019 benefitting children’s education, development and support throughout South Florida. We promise you less speeches and more fun! This event will offer guests a cocktail reception and a gourmet dinner followed by dessert and dancing. The expected attendance is over 150 guests, primarily business professionals, foundation supporters and Jupiter Island residents ages 30-70.

Conscious Discipline and Ginny Luther (founder of Bart’s Blue Star Foundation) get top marks for early childhood development in an everyday setting.  Ginny also knows firsthand that providing children and teens tools for dealing with traumatic life events lasts a lifetime. Ginny’s 24-year-old son, First Lt. Robert “Bart” Fletcher, was murdered in the line of duty. Bart was the victim of a soldier who snapped because of his inability to cope with his emotions resulting in violence.  To help children before they get to that state, she’s reimagined the delivery of education for children in challenging situations to provide integrated, complete social-emotional wellness skills which touch all stages of life.

Ginny partnered with Dr. Becky A. Baily, creator of Conscious Discipline, to give children in our community access to additional sources of emotional care and support. Bart’s Blue Star Foundation has expanded that access providing funding for teacher and parent training programs and materials that support funding for teacher/parent training programs and materials that support implementation of Conscious Discipline.

Bart’s Blue Star Foundation’s Gala includes a $150,000 fundraising goal to expand access to the crucial services at-risk children and teens need to preserve their emotional health and to give them the specialized, attentive sources they need and deserve.

But they can’t do it alone. What they’ve accomplished thus far has been with the support of those who share their vision. As a nonprofit foundation, they count on the generosity of organizations such as yours. By investing together, your generous support can help Bart’s Blue Star Foundation respond to even the most intricate needs of at-risk children and teens with world-class, family centered education services and programs designed to provide the tools and training to carry throughout their lives.

On behalf of Bart’s Blue Star Foundation’s 3rd Biennial Gala Committee, we thank you in advance for your consideration.